OnePlus unveils the world’s smallest UAV

A teaser of OnePlus last month implying a new product of the Chinese firm. Therefore, speculations have increased, and many believed that the company could be about to launch a new device dedicated to games.

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It turns out that this is not the case at all. In fact, it’s a drone. A small drone. The world’s smallest OnePlus said.

Listed as a “product special edition” quadcopter the DR-1 OnePlus made ​​just 7 cm in diameter and 3 cm from the top down. It also comes with a handle that can be used to make a four-axis flip with a flick of the thumb.

A charge of 20 minutes gives you eight minutes of flight time during which OnePlus offers “challenge your friends to a race in the sky” or, oddly enough, try to land on a “ceiling fan so that it runs at full speed ” , although she admits later that it might not actually be a good idea.

Of course, any product unveiled on April 1, had to be taken lightly, but with the DR-1, the joke of the April Fool is not really. It seems that OnePlus really wanted to get into the quadcopter sector.

It’s almost as if his mini drone had started as a joke from April 1, before the company realizes that the joke was not that funny, inciting to move forward in the marketing. After all, a product page rather elaborate on the DR-1 says “then we find this rather fun, we also decided to produce a limited amount of DR-1 for you to buy it” . This seems to be confirmed with the title “Happy April Fool’s Day from OnePlus! “.

While we do not really know how much OnePlus units produced for this drone, if you were fast, the DR-1 could be yours for only $ 20.

UAVs are becoming smaller, and inexpensive. Various companies are even beginning to work on new ways to keep in the air longer. That said, most high-end drones still cost hundreds of dollars.

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