PiJuice: an interesting external battery for Raspberry Pi

The range of computers Raspberry Pi are small systems, inexpensive, that you can use to learn how to code, to implement a solution of complete media center at home, or to use as a base for game console, or an automation system for the home. The possibilities are endless.

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If you want to use a Raspberry Pi in the house, you can just plug it into a wall outlet, connect a keyboard, mouse, and voila. But if you want to use it as a portable device, you’ll need an external battery. This is where the PiJuice comes in.

Like other plug-ins, this PiJuice battery is designed to power a Raspberry Pi simply enough . Although the project is, the creators are conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough money to move from the prototype phase to an everyday object. You can pre-order a unit for the modest sum of £ 29 (about 40 euros).

The basic module is a PiJuice Lipo battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh , which should provide up to 24 hours of battery life for a Raspberry Pi. It supports a deep sleep state of low power, alarm clock after interruption or events, and power management API is available. There is a RGB LED that indicates its status to the user while remaining programmable map.

PiJuice uses a 40-pin connector that should work with the Raspberry Pi Model A +, B + and Model Raspberry Pi Model B 2

Do you want more autonomy? While the models 5000 and 10 000 mAh would offer respectively 16 and 28 hours of battery life to the card, there is also a solar PiJuice which includes PiJuice module and a solar panel 6V . You will need to pay 130 pounds (180 euros) or more for this solar kit.

So what can you do with an external battery dedicated to the Raspberry Pi? As for smartphones and tablets that are recharged using an external battery, the Raspberry Pi becomes completely independent of traditional power source, and can be powered during use. In other words, you will thus be able to build a portable media player, a camera, or a portable game console – indeed, there is a kit to help you build one.

The solar version can give you control a weather station, or any other outdoor project that can operate continuously without power cable.

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