Project Ara: a battery pack of a new genre that will double the autonomy

The only trouble is that the product will be available in 2016.

Among the most ambitious projects of Google, there is the Ara Project, announced by Motorola but the Mountain View company took over when he decided to sell the manufacturer Lenovo.

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For those who have never heard of the Ara project is to develop modular mobile with detachable components that the user can choose for himself or replace instead of buying a new phone.

We know that smartphones Ara project will debut this year for a test phase in Costa Rica. We also know that there already companies interested in developing modules for them.

And among these, there is a startup called SolidEnergy. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s normal because it is still a small company of 12 employees.

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It has, however, already received investments amounting to millions of dollars and above, it is developing a technology that enables the production of smaller batteries the batteries of smartphones we currently use, but offer the same autonomy, through an ultrafine metal anode.

On his blog, a partner in the Project Ara (Phonebloks) announced that SolidEnergy use this technology to make modules batteries for it.

Smartphones from Google project could have the same autonomy with smaller batteries or maybe twice more autonomy than a normal smartphone but with the same size battery.

But as I mentioned earlier, no commercial version will be released before 2016.

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