No, not yet Xiaomi will debut in the US

Xiaomi will hold a press conference in the US, but it will not launch its products in the US market.

Selling tens of millions of smartphones (whereas it was founded a few years ago) in Asia alone and offering high-end mobiles that do not cost an arm , Xiaomi has earned a reputation beyond the borders of the markets on which it is already present.

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And although the Chinese start-up is neither present in Europe, or North America, it already seems to be some fans. But unfortunately for them, as we explained in a previous articles, Xiaomi will wait a few years to address these markets because its model “has an economic and social impact much higher in developing markets” .

But lately, rumors (which are confirmed) have been circulating on the web, according to which Xiaomi will hold a press conference on February 12 in San Francisco.

Speculation then FUSE everywhere. Many people thought that the Xiaomi products were finally set foot on American soil. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true …

To get to the bottom heart, our fellow Android Police asked for clarification to a public relations manager of Xiaomi, which stated:

“We can also confirm that Xiaomi will not start and will not enter the US market at this time …”

In fact, the idea of the press conference is just to make known the brand. In any case, the CEO Lin Bin and Vice President Hugo Barra ( former Google employee ) will be participating.

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