Internet does not exist. Only Facebook

Surveys show that some people think Facebook saying they do not use the Internet.

When an agency or international organization published a report stating that the world now has X billion Internet users, it is sometimes necessary to consider the habits of these. Of course, Internet access is becoming more easily and the number of users increases every year. But studies have shown that in some cases the use of the Internet is limited to Facebook.

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During a survey conducted by the researcher in Indonesia Helani Galpaya, many respondents said they did not use the internet. Yet these same people said they use Facebook. Therefore, the researchers were left with a number of Facebook users higher than that of the Internet. Another survey conducted in Africa showed similar results.


“It seems that in their minds, internet does not exist; Facebook only ” . 
Inspired by this finding, Qartz commissioned a survey among GEOPOL, Nigeria and Indonesia.

In Nigeria, 9% of respondents who said they used Facebook during the 30 days also said they did not use the internet. In Indonesia, this proportion was 11%.

Is it a mere confusion or these results (which are not necessarily representative), they highlight serious problem?

Anyway, in some populations, access to the internet is still something of luxury. However, Facebook has already signed deals with some operators, allowing them to offer “packages Facebook”, as well as alternatives for Facebook USSD or

So a question arises. This phenomenon is disturbing, or should it rather be happy than people who can not connect to the internet can at least have access to information via Facebook?

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