Project Ara: If you are crazy about sensors, these images will regale you

Lapka designed this modular smartphone packed with sensors.
As we mentioned a few days ago, Google announced the launch of its first modular smartphone Ara project in a lead market (Costa Rica) this year. For those who have not yet understood the idea, the modular smartphone is a smartphone “Lego” consisting of a main element called endoskeleton receiving modules, which can be a display, a camera, a battery, an antenna, etc.

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The idea is to allow the consumer to buy a smartphone with components to the card and extend the life of mobile, because if a module is damaged, only one will be replaced (not all of the device). Same if it becomes obsolete.

With Android, Google provides the operating system and lets developers care to offer applications to the public. And with the Ara Project, Google lets manufacturers the task of proposing modules for the endoskeleton. As for consumers, they will have the opportunity to choose between the different modules to compose their smartphones.
Also, companies already seem excited to be able to offer their modules to consumers. This is the case of Lapka. Currently, the company already offers a range of accessories to health that connect to smartphones, such as breathalyzers or sensors that analyze the quality of the environment in which the user is located.
In a blog post, Lapka wanted to show what might look like an adjustment of its products (or future products) for smartphones Ara project, so as modules. For now, it comes to concepts but they dream.
A module for measuring the air quality
A CO2 sensor
Light sensor
ECG (Electrocardiogram)
Breath test
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