OnePlus named his new custom ROM OxygenOS

After the ban OnePlus to set up in India because of its standoff with Cyanogen, the Chinese manufacturer has started working on its own customized version of Android for its own smartphones.

To recall, in mid-December OnePlus announced it would hold a contest to determine the name of the custom Android ROM on which she was working. Today, in an article in his blog, the company announced the name of the future ROM. This is “OxygenOS”.

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Announcing the new name, Brandon H (Forum Administrator OnePlus) indicates the publication on the official forum: “we realized that, like everything we do, our real goal is to make the product that we would like you to use much more accessible. With our ROM, this means that the software is open, customizable, free, and free of unnecessary features “.

The company mentioned that she loves the name because it represents the “Oxygen” element, which is “the epitome of simplicity, but also extremely powerful,” implying that oxygen is everywhere, it is part of everything we do, and is an important building block for the “amazing things”.

The new OxygenOS will be based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and OnePlus has already released it a few weeks the alpha version of its operating system, which was basically just the ASOP version of Android 5.0 without further customizations. He has not too many details available about OxygenOS to date, but OnePlus mentions that more details will be provided on 12 February.

Recently, the smartphone market has seen companies disclose their smartphone, but also a custom operating system. Xiaomi was one of the first manufacturers to do so, and it was a real commercial success.

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