7 tips to promote your blog when you make your first steps

You are the author of a blog with quality content and regular publications? Here’s a quick reminder about some tips to improve the visibility of it!1. SEO

To start, a good SEO is essential. Learn about the basics of SEO (search engine optimization): Identify the most important keywords in the URL, use the “alt” tag for images with a description, enter a number of tags, etc. These tips seem you be Chinese? Be aware that if your blog runs on WordPress , some plugins will allow you to help you work the SEO aspect SEO Wizard, All in One SEO Pack, etc. Many professionals can also advise you to improve your SEO because it is a complex matter!

2. The visibility on social networks

Start a blog it 10 years ago was very different than running a blog today because at the time, social networks do not have the strength they have today. So remember to use them to share updates to your blog. Then use a tool such as Bit.ly , Buffer or Google Analytics to evaluate where does the majority of traffic. Often you will be surprised at the proportion of people who visit your blog because they have clicked on a link seen on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

3. Community

On social networks, it is not only to flood your contacts with information without ever engaging in conversation. On the contrary, it is essential to build a community and share with your network. Remember to include your blog a button that will share your articles directly on social networks.

4. The content aggregation platforms

Another way to make your content more visible is to use a content aggregation platform such as Hellocoton . Hellocoton will allow you to integrate your RSS feed and your subscribers will be informed at each new update. Remember to rank your blog in the correct category as this will increase your chances for one of your items is selected as “article on the front.” Also Pamper your community, for example by thanking those who subscribe to your blog.

5. Links

All opportunities are good to share the URL of your blog: link in the signature of your email, your Youtube videos in your website profiles in the signature that you use on forums, on your card visit, etc.

6. Events

Consider also participate in organized events for bloggers where you can expand your network and sometimes even develop partnerships with brands. Some operations allow you for example to test products and write an article to share your experience.

7. chains

The chains of articles, also called “blog carnival” is a system where several bloggers write on a theme an article of their choice. The topics are diverse: get inspired chains articles blogs you follow and stick to your theme.

And you, what are your tips to market your blog at the beginning of your project?

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