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Google Now: support for third-party applications Cards

Google Now for Android can now view information from third-party applications . If you have an Android device you have always used. Google’s service is designed to provide you with

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Apple: the average price of the iPhone at its highest in two years

Symbol of the excellent results announced yesterday by Apple, the iPhone is also distinguished with its average price reached its highest level in two years. There is a little less

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Marketing professionals, it might be time to learn how to use Facebook groups

A good alternative that is already used by over 700 million people per month. Last year, several Facebook pages have suffered from the fall of the organic reach. Facebook has

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Galaxy S Edge: is it the Galaxy S6 Edge?

So far, we have heard many rumors about various possible variants of the Galaxy S6 Samsung. One of them suggested that the flagship smartphone from the South Korean firm would


Outlook for iOS and Android syncs all your mails

Microsoft Office first opened for users on iOS and Android, and now the company has added his famous Outlook mail service to the list of applications that you can use

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OnePlus named his new custom ROM OxygenOS

After the ban OnePlus to set up in India because of its standoff with Cyanogen, the Chinese manufacturer has started working on its own customized version of Android for its


Microsoft invested in Cyanogen for Cyanogen OS

For years, CyanogenMod has been a popular alternative for users running Android, and now Microsoft have invested heavily in startups. Microsoft invested $ 70 million in Cyanogen , leaving the


But you’re suspicious Google: Cyanogen wants to take control of Android

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROM as an alternative to Android, with a user base of nearly 8 million people. But while his name is well established, the

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Ceasefire: Samsung ready to produce the chip of the iPhone 6S

I know of no rivals who engaged in a legal battle as fierce as that conducted by Samsung and Apple, but it’s not as long as the South Korean firm

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Galaxy S6: the Exynos 7420 chip will faster than Snapdragon 810?

There is much debate and many rumors about whether Samsung will put a Snapdragon chip 810 or Exynos 7420 chip in the Galaxy S6 . Traditionally, Samsung uses the Qualcomm