Monopolies: Should dismantling Google to boost competition on the web?

Whether in the US or Europe, more and more experts criticize Google’s monopoly on advertising and some web services. Decryption Xerfi our partner channel.

Should Google dismantle the grounds that it would have a monopoly unparalleled in recent history? The question as well stirred Parliament as leading lawyers specializing in competition and economists. Recall that the debate is taking place on both sides of the Atlantic. Seeing it as a jealous Europe from the United States and their digital giants is extremely simplistic.

It is besides Nathan Newman, an American lawyer, which is perhaps the one who developed the most convincing argument in favor of a trial in a monopoly Google. On the occasion of a long article published in the summer of 2013, he explains why this particular monopoly is not perceived by the public and the regulator and why Google would be immune to any sustainable competition.

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The customer of Google, it’s not you and I, users of YouTube, Gmail and Android, but rather advertisers and all who live in advertising services provided by Google. And in this area, assigns challenging their pay and undergoing Google quasi-monopoly are many.

All the arguments together to impose a binding solution to Google. This could take the form of a reduced control over the data, possibly via the dismantling and the creation of a real user data market. Google could also be entrusted with a mission similar to that of a public service, and would be subject to the authority of a specific regulator. Google is somehow an authorized monopoly on access to information, as there monopoly on access to transport.

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