Crouton Ubuntu running in a browser tab of a Chromebook

You just had a Chromebook for Christmas? You are not satisfied with Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store too limited? If this is the case, then the rest of this article could be your breath of fresh air. Crouton is a script that allows you to run the famous desktop operating systems, Ubuntu or Debian, on a Chromebook without uninstalling Chrome OS . Developed by David Schneider, the tool has been around for years, providing an easy way to run native Linux desktop applications such as GIMP, LibreOffice, Firefox and even on laptops and Chrome OS desktop.

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But until recently, you had to go back and forth between Chrome OS and Ubuntu desktop environments. So today there is an option to simply run Ubuntu in a tab in your browser. In other words, Crouton allows you to switch between Chrome OS and Ubuntu by simply changing browser tabs . You can even resize the window so you can run Ubuntu applications in a browser tab while surfing the web in another.

If this is something you dream, all you need is a Chrome OS device that is running as a developer mode . There is no matter if you use the stable version, beta or dev Chrome OS, you just need to be in developer mode. To do this, simply press the keys Ctrl + D.

Then you can follow the instructions to install Ubuntu with Crouton. Just download a script, open a terminal window and type the command. You’ll also need to install the extension Crouton Integration for Chrome.

Note that if you want to be able to run Ubuntu in a browser tab, you will need to add “xiwi” in the command . For example, sudo sh ~ / Downloads / crouton -r -t trusty xiwi, xfce should install Ubuntu 14.04 with the Xfce desktop environment and provide support for running in a browser tab.

You can learn more about the GitHub page of the project. Work on this feature are carried out since October, but it has just been added to the main branch of Crouton.

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