Sony Xperia Z4 and Z4 Ultra specifications for leaks

The specifications for the upcoming Xperia Z4 and Z4 Sony Xperia Ultra was disclosed on the canvas, suggesting that the two future smartphone of the Japanese firm would be very close to the Xperia Z3 , out there some months. Although we really do not know when Sony will introduce its two new flagship stores, there’s a good chance that the Xperia Z4 and its big brother the Xperia Z4 Ultra, to be announced at CES 2015 to be held in Las Vegas January. In other words, it is only a few months after the announcement of Xperia Z3 – in September at IFA.

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So it’s no surprise that the specifications mentioned by an informant to PhoneArena do not suggest innovations that change the world.

The Sony Xperia Z4 should nevertheless find an increase of resolution from the Quad Full HD to HD , which would phase the flagship of the Xperia range of Sony at the LG G3. In addition, it will apparently use an IPS screen of 5.4 inches Triluminos , a very slight increase of 0.2 inch compared to the current Xperia Z3.

-Efficient specifications
The Z4 is apparently going to carry a 805 Snapdragon processor, used by many of today’s leading smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 4 but which is likely to be soon overtaken by Snapdragon 810 in future devices. The Galaxy S6 perhaps?

Nevertheless, and despite the fact that he does not have a 64 bit processor, the Xperia Z4 should have 4 GB of RAM . Although Snapdragon 805 is a 32-bit processor, it has the capacity to handle more RAM a system 32 “standard” bits. The real question: is that 4GB is really necessary today?

Other features include a more advanced camera with a larger number of elements that could lead to a faster lens than the Xperia Z3 – f / 2, while keeping the resolution of 20.7 megapixels . The front camera should also be improved, with a wide-angle 4.8-megapixel sensor, causing the level of the masters of Selfie today.

Finally, on the side of the battery, it should reach 3420 mAh, which should offset higher resolution and improved processor. And for what it’s worth, here’s a very blurry picture of the so-called Xperia Z4:

What about the big brother of the Sony Xperia Z4? The leaker suggests that the Xperia Z4 Ultra will have a 5.9 inch screen, a 805 Snapdragon processor with 4GB of RAM , and a camera with a slightly lower resolution, since it would increase to 16 megapixels. Last, the chassis of the Phablet be particularly close, since it suggests a thickness of 5.7 mm.

Does all this information is real? While this seems plausible, it will still wait until January to learn more..

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