HTML5 is now finalized and ready for prime time

Here we go! Do you remember an article which I have published April 5, 2011? No? Well, though I predicted that something would happen at the end of 2014 … Nearly three years after the writing thereof, stating that the final release date of HTML5 transmitted by the W3C would be in July 2014, the World Wide Web Consortium has just mentioned that the standard HTML5 is now officially recommended.

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For those unaware, this standard HTML5 is under construction for years, and many of your favorite sites have already adopted. There are more than four years, Steve Jobs had declared war on Flash technology, saying that HTML5 would have a bright future. While it is legitimate to think that the HTML5 standard is set in stone for a long time, as developers, browser vendors and the press have talked about for years now, this was not the case. Indeed, although the standard is applied by many, the news of the International Organization for Standardization for the World Wide Web published yesterday , says that after all these years of use, HTML5 is finally ready for prime time .

What is one of the biggest benefits of HTML5? Is the most natural viewing multimedia content on all browsers. Indeed, in the past technologies such as QuickTime or Flash were required to play videos on a site. The organization says it has worked with over 60 companies to finalize the standard, and more than 4000 bugs have been eradicated in the process.

As a user, you will not see the changes. Chances are that your browser already supports most of the features of the HTML5 standard, as the element <video> or vector graphics – unless you’re stuck in an old version of Internet Explorer. Other important new HTML5 web has made ​​in recent years features include the element <canvas> for rendering 2D shape and bitmap images, support for MathML to display mathematical notation in the browser, and API to handle drag and drop or the local cache.

The W3C has produced the following video to explain why you should be interested in HTML5:

While the final recommendation for HTML5 is now the past, the W3C will now start working on fixing bugs, but mostly work on HTML 5.1, the main feature will be interoperability .

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