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When you receive an incalculable number of e-mails, you soon realize that clients are terribly inefficient. Even if you use Gmail or another email application, your inbox is probably a mess. But the new application Google Inbox rethinks how we use e-mail.

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Its rather innovative and easy to use interface allows you to customize your inbox and sort all your emails depending on the subject, the level of importance, and if you want to come back later. It also includes reminders to facilitate planning. The only drawback is that the service is available on Android, iOS and the Web, is by invitation only – for now – so if you want to use, you must wait.

Google distributes invitations to some users, and you can sign up for the waiting list by sending an e-mail to [email protected] to request access. In the meantime, I tested it and this is my opinion on how Google Inbox could change the way you use the e-mail.

Installation is easy, but using Inbox is even easier
Once you have received your invitation to Google Inbox, you have to download the application which is available on iOS and Android. Then I was asked to register my email address in the application, using the Gmail account for which you have the invitation. After one click, you are connected. Once the above is done, the application will show you a little tutorial on how to use all the new features of the new platform.

Google Inbox includes the following features:

Categories : Google sorts your mail into categories, so that the plane tickets appear in the Travel category, bank statements appear in Finance and Facebook reminders in Social Networking. Although Gmail offers this feature for a few months, it works better on Inbox. You can even create your own categories to suit your needs
Highlights : Inbox shows you more than an e-mail subject. You will see what looks like Google Maps Now showing attachments, specific information, the company logo, and more. Will be the most fun to fly. When you press the map, you will see everything on your flight and e-mails from airline
Reminders : You can add reminders from scratch, and the app will import all your reminders Google Now. You can view all your reminders in a single section
Aides : Inbox will help you achieve your reminders by giving you the tools to adequately respond to the e-mail. For example, if you want to add a reminder to call your mom, Google will display the phone number to call directly from Inbox. If you want to go shopping in a store, you will see the address, phone number and opening hours
Pending : The application allows you to queue e-mail, and plan on reading it later
Pinned : One of the coolest features of Inbox is its ability to identify messages that are important to you or you may want to revisit in the near future. Then when you want to see only your pinned messages, you simply press the button on top of the application – all other emails simply disappear
Quick access : In the lower right corner of the application, there is a red circle with a plus sign inside, where you can quickly send an e-mail to your most popular contacts, set reminders or call emails
Most of the new features work seamlessly and you will recognize many of them if you use Gmail. The main differences are clear uncluttered user interface. The Material Design is clearly at work in the Inbox application, with a flatter user interface and offering bright colors. It seems that the service was designed with mobile in mind. Google says it is supposed to rethink how we use the e-mails, but to date, this is not a real alternative to Gmail. It’s more like tests to see how people react to the new features of Google. If some are very well thought out, it is nevertheless regrettable that others are not accomplished.

Most things are good, but not all
The main problem I had with Inbox was how to delete an e-mail . While the act of scanning a message on the right or the left to slip into a “category” Pending or Completed works very well, this folder can quickly fill with spam. I prefer to delete messages that are not useful. Unfortunately this process is “complex”.

I would also make it easier to set up our own categories. Moreover, instead of adding contacts one by one in an email, it would be nice to add multiple email addresses at once, separated by commas – as you do in an e- Email classic. It would also be good to link other types of email accounts in the Inbox app – right now, you can only add multiple Gmail accounts.

That said, Inbox is a great step forward, and I hope it will soon be available to all . I have the distinct impression that many Gmail users will love it.

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