Chrome and Firefox make malicious page

You have difficulty accessing links ? You’re not alone. It seems that many users are greeted by the message displayed in the image below when trying to access links emanating from the popular URL shortener. Indeed, when I met myself the problem on Chrome in the morning, it was the turn of links open Firefox to be blocked and the following message: “The web page on was reported as a malicious page and has been blocked based on your security preferences. “

While links work perfectly on Safari and Internet Explorer, blocking seems to be currently only visible on Firefox and Chrome .

Google says himself: “Malicious individuals currently at work on the site may try to install malicious programs on your Mac in order to retrieve your information (eg, photos, passwords, messages and credit card numbers) without your authorization, or delete ” .

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Google added that 91,854 pages were tested on the site over the past three months, and 669 resulted downloading and installing malware without the user’s permission . This includes 200 trojan (s), 185 exploit (s), 152 scripting exploit (s) has yet to release the cause of these blockages. Unfortunately, while one might think that if the blockage was only Chrome could have been an overzealous Google, since this also affects Firefox, far suggests that the problem could be serious side Bitly . This could be related to a higher than usual malicious sites that use links to trick users number.

Anyway, will have to act quickly to prevent everybody to fear when they click a link from the social networks.

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