YouTube decides to finance its creators

YouTube will fund the best content produced by its creators.

We recently highlighted the fact that Facebook has decided to make better use of its video feature. According to the social network, videos are more read than ever, with at least one billion views a day. But a difference persists: Facebook is great for sharing personal videos while YouTube (which allows creators to monetize videos) attracts creators “pros”. Moreover, rumors indicate that Facebook is trying to attract the same designers who made the success of YouTube and possibly launch a program that would also allow them to monetize their Facebook videos.

Thus, Facebook and YouTube could be even more directly competing. But it is unlikely to let himself be pushed around. YouTube owes its success to its creative and always, it has done its best to support them. For example, by providing them with free legal music or creating production studios that they can use.

Top speed

This time, YouTube will get down to business. Indeed, on his blog, the video platform Google has announced that it now “fund new content” of its top creators, “not only by helping them to realize their creative ambitions, but also to provide new content their millions of fans on YouTube ” .

In essence, some programs will now be directly sponsored by Google, which could allow creators to have more technical resources to carry out their videos.

In its publication, YouTube also says he wants to experiment with new formats and new ideas.

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