Netropolitan: a social network for the rich!!!

A social network reserved for people rich enough to pay 9,000 dollars for registration.

Behind giants like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram hide more specific social networks called “social networking niche.” He created in almost every week, and some even manage to have a little name.

We could, for example, evoke Happier for optimistic people and constantly cheerful, tribute to Nelson Mandela, Secret to publish anonymously statutes and of course * Dronestagram.

As for Netropolitan , it is distinguished by the fact that registration is not free and that it even costs dearly. Upon registration, you will have to pay a sum of 6,000 dollars and an annual subscription fee of 3,000 dollars.

As you can see, the main requirement for membership is to be rich. It must also be over 21 years old, learn his true identity and his true location and “be respectful, courteous and pleasant” to other members. All public publications must be in English, knowing that the site is fully moderated.

At these prices, the social network does not display any advertising of course, which means that personal information is (theoretically) shared with any third parties.

In essence, wants Netropolitan connect users with “people of their social ranks but outside their circles.”  It is also described as a “country club online for people in more money than time” , According to our colleagues at CNET.

In terms of features, it’s pretty basic. The social network allows sharing statuses, communicate via messages or newsgroups. At its launch, it still would have been able to convince a few hundred users.

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