Wing Project a Google service delivery by drones

Amazon surprised everyone when the company announced in December that it was working on technology that would enable it to deliver packages by drones. But it turns out that Google has been working on a similar project for nearly two years, long before Amazon Prime Air was announced.

The Atlantic revealed to the public Google’s efforts to build a delivery system by drones, known internally as Project Wing .

Much you confess now, the Wing project is not ready for commercial applications yet . But Google has designed a small drone that can take off, fly to a destination, and gently put a package before returning to the starting point. The company has tested it in Australia.

We already knew that Google had a strong team-oriented robotics experts at the initiative of the driverless car company. In hindsight, it was probably silly to think that it was the only thing on which they worked.

Now that Google has just revealed the Wing project to the public, the company will participate in the actual implementation of the service by drones. It is quite logical that companies like Amazon and Google still need to perfect their technology before they can start delivering packages by air drop. They also have to convince regulators that the service is safe.

It is possible that this new mode of delivery envisaged by Google has a different look when it will be ready for commercial deployment … if it ever becomes real. Anyway, Google seems to envisage a world where your purchases are delivered in minutes.

Previously, Google was focused on the search engine company. Now the company possesses the most popular of the world’s mobile operating system, operates one of the most popular messaging services and a lot more. But in recent years the company has begun to make quite big paris on crazy ideas that could have an even greater impact on the world to come: the laptops, unmanned vehicles, modular smartphones, a Internet access from balloons, and therefore almost instantaneous delivery by air.

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