YouTube Creator Studio is now available for iPhone owners

There a few weeks ago, Google launched a new YouTube Creator called Studio application , to those who manage accounts (assets) on YouTube – you should know that streaming videos on the platform can bring a lot of money.  Google, as him, has always supported these creators. The previous year, he opened a studio first made ​​available to them.

But of course, Google has prioritized its operating system. Thereby YouTube Creator Studio was still available on Android devices. Fortunately, it is quickly arrived on iOS. It is already possible to download on the App Store.

But what will she serve? Like the Android version, the new iOS allow youtubeurs easily manage their channels on a mobile. To make it short and concise, YouTube Creator Studio is YouTube, which is the Page Manager for Facebook.

The application will include monitoring the statistics of videos and channels, easily respond to the comments (with a filter system) to set custom notifications as well as change settings for videos.

Although YouTube application already exists on almost all platforms, they were cut to the public. YouTube Creator Studio is rather (as the name suggests) a tool for designers.

Earlier, Google also launched Analytics for Google+ pages and Google My Business Application that lets you manage multiple Google products with a single application.

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