YouTube adds support for Chromecast live stream

Google announced yesterday that it has added support to Chromecast live stream YouTube , allowing users the ability to cast the content such as concerts and sporting events from their mobile devices on the big screen. Until recently, users were able to cast their TV broadcasts only via PC, but the functionality is extended and removes the need for this workaround.

In the publication detailing the Google+ update, Google says that the Chromecast is available in 18 countries, and direct YouTube occur regularly, were the triggers to carry on mobile. The publication provides up to four live streams that will unfold in the days and months ahead, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the new feature on YouTube:

Personal concert with Adam Levine during the AMEX Live EveryDay with Maroon 5 – June 20
Join the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) – June 20 to 22
Live in the heart of the FIFA World Cup with Adidas, The Dugout Live from Rio – 27 June 28 June 3 July and 12 July
Experience the world championship surfing, ASP World Tour – South Africa on July 10, and Huntington Beach July 27

Is also included in the publication Google+ Link to Google restrictions on the dissemination of a live stream, which includes notes on the global availability, warnings, advertisements and a href = “ .com/youtube/answer/2790636? hl = en “> InVideo programming, which is a YouTube feature that allows you to integrate a specific video of your choice, or the logo of your chain, and on all videos your channel, or to promote the branding of your chain, and promoting a video.

For those who do not know, the Chromecast HDMI is a small key that plugs into a port on your TV, and you can cast (send, project, …) any kind of content supported by it . This new addition is proof of the popularity of such an object sold 35 euros

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