will use facial recognition to find lookalikes your ex and Three Days Rule help you find your ex (or his double) through facial recognition.

They assume that everyone has a type. If you are attracted to someone who vaguely resembles your ex, it is not necessarily because you still have feelings for this person. This may be due to the fact that the physical traits of this person fit your “type”., the expert meeting on the internet seems to rely on this principle and decided to launch a partnership with Three Day Rule, known for its facial recognition technology used to organize meetings.

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To make it simple, let’s say you need to provide a photograph of your ex (that / which correspond to your type), so that it is parsed and the new service can search for matches with someone else, the level of the facial structure. But before you shake, know that it will have a price. And it will be rather high since after the Newsweek website, it will cost the sum of $ 5,000 (or 3,692 euros). This allows to subscribe to a premium for a period of six months to access this feature that will search your ex-alikes offer. Will also be included in this service monitored by a coach.

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