The Android 5.0 Developer Preview photos and video

The next major version of the mobile OS from Google is now available for developers, Android 5.0 L, and the editors of Ars Technica have published a series of photos

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Project Tango LG and Google ready to launch 3D tablet in 2015

The Tango Project is an effort by Google to develop smartphones and tablets that use cameras and sensors to build 3D models of their environment and virtual applications that can

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Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart support for Google Fit?

Addidas can enjoy the Nike decision to focus more on the software side, releasing a bracelet tracking club like shape Fuelband, currently known as the name of MiCoach Smart Fit

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The Google Nexus program is not going away anytime soon

Since the end of April, it was rumored that Google will probably abandon its Nexus product range, and replace it by another name brand Android Silver . However, Dave Burke,

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YouTube unveils all new features

YouTube has unveiled a number of new features that are already available or are still in the pipes of the web giant, and that are sure to please more than


iPod Touch: Change 16GB model and price reductions

Apple upgrades iPod Touch 16GB and completely revises pricing all iPod Touch range. Quietly but surely, Apple developed its range iPod Touch. No revolution but developments affecting the declination 16GB

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A robot 20 meters able to juggle cars, a crazy project? And yet …

What was a dream of engineers has become a fad for Dan Granett, former NASA employee. Its purpose? Create a giant robot that can juggle cars! Imagine the following scene:


We have a LG G Watch around your wrist, ask us any questions!

Getting Started with the LG G Watch instantly. Ask us any questions in comments. ” The watches running Android Wear aim of presenting the right information at the right time

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Full of news to come to YouTube

Determined to keep hold on the market, YouTube is preparing to deploy a number of very promising improvement.  YouTube logo light Full of news to come to YouTube YouTube is

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Yandex.Disk: a storage service that offers to suck your photos on social networks

Yandex.Disk the “Russian Google Drive” offers a feature that allows you to draw pictures from social networks.  Russia Pixabay 700 Yandex.Disk: a storage service that offers daspirer your photos on