Which of these social networks brings you the best traffic?

When it comes to the quality of traffic provided by social networks, Facebook does not seem to be the champion.

There are some days, we mentioned a study that suggested Forester finally, Google Plus, the ghost town of Google, could still be interesting in some respects for publishers and brands.

As the subject seemed to take heart, and because times are tough enough for some community managers ( due to the collapse of their organic reach on Facebook ), I looked at another study, signed Shareaholic.

They decided to focus on the quality of traffic brought by some social networks. To do this, they analyzed data from more than 200,000 partner sites, with nearly 250 million unique visitors per month, for a period of six months between September 2013 and February 2014.

The data recorded were the number of page views per visit, time spent by a visitor and bounce rate. More pages a visitor opens up, the more we can estimate that explored the site. He spends more time, more likely it is that he found interesting content. As for the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who have visited a page of a site and then leave it, without opening other. It must be interpreted with caution.

All these parameters can be exploited to assess the quality (technical term) of traffic and when it comes to monetizing a website with advertising, these data can greatly impact on revenues. Here, we focus on the quality of traffic provided by the major social networks and not the number of unique visitors.

The results of Shareaholic, it would bring the best that YouTube traffic. Indeed, the visitors returned by the video sharing platform spend almost 4 minutes on the site and would open on average 2.99 pages per visit. The bounce rate is 43.19%, which can be a great figure. As explained by Shareaholic, this could be due to the fact that if a visitor watches a video is that it has time before him, among other things to visit associated with the video link. Another reason may be the fact that the content of the linked page may be additional information about the video or its theme.

The second classification is precisely Google Plus. Although it is often criticized for providing few visitors, the other Google social network would provide a much better traffic than their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter competitors. The number of pages per visit was 2.45, the average time is 3 minutes and the bounce rate of 50.63%. This is another reason to think you care a little more of your fans on Google Plus or create your community if it is not already the case.

You will find on the graph below, the results for the other social networks.



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