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The watch … Probably the world’s most useless since the arrival of smartphones object. Now watches are jewelry and really objects with real practical use. However, the trend may be reversed connected with watches or as they say in the land of KFC and the death penalty: SmartWatch.

The Smartwatch are not very pretty, but in any case, they finally make “useful” (to some extent) the subject “shows”.

So, I suggest you keep this day in terms DIY (Do It Yourself) and make yourself your own smartwatch.


Well following this tutorial to GodsTale who designed a watch connected from elements like an Arduino Pro Mini , a HC-06 Bluetooth module, an OLED screen 0.96 ” from Adafruit and a lithium battery.

Finally not much, but the result is impeccable. It has developed in parallel an Android app that allows you to communicate with the watch, submit the basic settings (time … etc..), but also balance the RSS or Android notifications. Sources are available on Github 

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