Make Human – An app to make you friends in 3D

If you like a bit of 3D, you’ll be happy because MakeHuman version 1.0.0 has been released. This open source application runs on Windows , Mac and Linux makes it

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After banned Twitter, Turkey decided to block YouTube

After to be taken to social networking site “Twitter”, the Turkish government decided to block the YouTube video platform. He hopes to cover up scandals that could overshadow the government.

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Facebook: what can happen if teachers delve into your account

A college student asked to give his Facebook password to delve into his profile. A very bad idea. A school district in Minnesota has agreed to pay a sum of


Microsoft Office is now available on iPad

The iPad finally has the right to his version of Office, the popular office suite from Microsoft. Office for iPad comes in two forms, one of which is free and


Android is more stable iOS?

Those who claim that Android is less stable iOS may be stuck on Gingerbread release. At the time of earlier versions like Froyo or Gingerbread, use a terminal Android could


The LG Mini G2 released in April

Good news for those waiting with great impatience, the LG G2 Mini goes on sale next month. The LG G2 Mini was officially presented by the manufacturer in February .

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Facebook expand Internet access in the world with drones powered by solar panels

Facebook has announced that it wants to use drones to bring Internet to areas that do not yet have access. The machine must be empowered through solar panels that allow

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Google Naps the best parody of Google Maps

Discover Google Naps, parody Google Maps which shows you the best places to take a nap.Fortunately, the humor still exists on the internet. There a few weeks ago we mentioned


IPhone 6 could come out in September

Two new Apple iPhone would be expected to go out in September. Can you waitBy dint of seeing builders Android smartphones out terminals with generous widely screens, some fans feel


Google launches Photowall for iOS, view your video wall on TV through Chromecast

Google launches app for iOS Photowall. It will enable various features to create a slideshow on your TV via rebroadcast Chromecast. Just after the launch of its Chromecast in France