Facebook reaches new heights and exceeds forecasts

On the occasion of the publication of its quarterly results, Facebook defies all 

expectations with new records.

Did you know that Facebook was wrong? New figures released its fourth 

quarter report prove otherwise and show that remains and will remain for 

some time a number of social networks.

That Facebook has a billion users is not very accurate. There is now talk 1.23 

billion monthly active users, which corresponds to an increase by 16% 

compared to the figures there one year (2012). And in December 2013, the 

social network has counted 757 million daily active users.

Facebook seems to have solved his problem with mobile. As you know, users 

tend increasingly to connect to phones and tablets. However, during its IPO, 

we wondered if the social network was successfully adapting to the new 

platform – which was initially a service on PC.

New data from the fourth quarter of reassuring investors it. Indeed, 76.8% of 

monthly active Facebook users are now mobile users. We can also estimate 

that 73.44% of people who connect on Facebook once a day do with mobile.

What to say to you that if you want to start a Facebook campaign or just

have free traffic from the social network, he will think your publications for 

mobile platforms first. Because this trend should not deny, quite the contrary.

In terms of revenue, Facebook has achieved a turnover of 2.59 billion in the 

fourth quarter. Analysts had expected 2.34 billion dollars. This corresponds to 

a growth of 63% compared to revenues for the fourth quarter of 2012. Almost 

all of this money comes from advertisers. A small portion was processed 

through the online payment service (on games, for example, where Facebook 

takes a commission on each purchase).

Successful tranisition to mobile is also visible in these revenues. Indeed, on 

2.34 billion generated through advertising on Facebook, $ 1.25 billion (or 

53%) were using mobile platforms. Unfortunately, we do not know what 

ecosystem produces the most cash for Facebook.

All this information clearly indicate that despite the negative speculations on 

Facebook ( Facebook loses young , Facebook Home is a flop, Facebook is 

threatened by chat applications, etc..), it is – for the time being – in very 


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