Work To Worker Services to Unorganised Sector Project Java

The main aim of this project is to provide an online comprehensive solution to unorganized sector. Using this system general public or organized sector user can select the workers as per their need. At the time of worker selection he/she can view the skill, feedback given by those who have taken their service in the past and assigns work to worker.

Users of system

2. Customers (Generalpublic, builders, contractors)
3. Administrators

Requirements Descriptions
1. Registration of users and customers is done through this system. Users are workers registered for a specific skill .Customers are general public, builders, contractors who are in need of workers. Registration must include election card, pan card they are unique and varied from person to person .By adapting such a mechanism secure registration of users and customers is done

Functional Requirements

Secure registration of users (workers) and customers (general public/organize sector user) with any type of centralized security mechanisms (election card, pancard, passport etc).
2. Workers are classified into various groups and categorized namely aware skilled, semiskilled etc.
3. State can be modified by feedback system and workers rating evaluation algorithms.
4. Customer can make a community for reference purpose etc.
5. Customer can give their feedback for woker(s) who worked for them.
6. Facilitate appropriate communication between all stakeholders through mails.
7. Usermanual.

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