Offline Browsing Project in Java

The need to have an easy access and a reliable classification of the amount of data available nowadays on the web is one of the challenges of the future directions of data mining. The community of users has to confront with a huge amount of digital information such as text or semi-structured documents in the form of web pages, reports, papers and e-mails. In order to improve the effectiveness of community-wide cooperation, the capability of extracting sharable knowledge from heterogeneous documents produced by multiple sources and in a timely fashion is therefore crucial. Our answer to this kind of demand is to supply a suite of tools for the end user and for the developer as well, to create, maintain and navigate an ontology generated from an varied amount of data. To wrap the set of data sources in a structured format, such as XML and, using fuzzy techniques in order to compare the incoming dataflow, cluster them in a semi-automatic way. The final purpose is to generate a browsable ontology of the processed resources. In the section describing our tool will be described the implementation of the fuzzy elements and algorithms used, for who wants to use them for his own fuzzy-based applications.

Students: A specific website containing the information related to the students work can be downloaded instead of saving the contents of each and every page. It is especially useful while gathering information for projects, preparing for seminars, examinations.

Software developers: It helps in bulk download of Tutorials for the Newest Technologies.
Network Administrators: It reduces the Bandwidth Cost by letting the frequently visited Web–sites to be shared over the Intra-net.

Institutions: It helps the institutions by getting the required site to be downloaded ones and can use them without net connection also

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