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Twitter for Android improves editing photos

If you like to share photos via Twitter, know that the last update of the mobile application for Android brings some interesting new features. Several innovations enrich the Twitter app


Android in the sky in 2013

Android has marked the year 2013 by its overwhelming market share according to a report published by Strategy Analytics. But its annual growth is the lowest since the birth of


Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will launch Late April 2014

The new version of the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch Gear with information about the launch date and somewhat particular screen. If the watch connected Gear Galaxy has hardly packed crowds, Samsung

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The LG G Pro 2 will arrive in February

LG officially announced the LG G Pro 2 will arrive in February. LG has just confirmed the existence of the LG G Pro 2 , successor to the LG  (Optimus)

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Environmental print, it’s possible

Environmental print, it’s possible To ecologists papers Toners “green” The importance of recycling toners A printing measured The responsibility of the user Printing and ecology are often perceived as contradictory.

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Google AdSense Direct: a platform to bring together publishers and advertisers

Content publishers can now count on a new tool to monetize their  website(s): Google AdSense Direct. There are many ways to monetize a site. Some prefer to rely on membership, 

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Google will note the ISP depending on the quality of access to YouTube

Google will publish a report indicating the quality of access to YouTube  following the ISP. Certification “YouTube HD Verified” will be given to the best students. In an effort to


Windows 8.1: Metro applications soon mop in office interface

Future update of Windows 8.1 could result in integration of applications icons  Modern UI interface in the office. On the occasion of the next update to Windows 8.1, Microsoft could

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1TB of storage in the ‘cloud’ with Yunio!

There are on the market a number of solutions to store documents in the cloud. Yunio part thereof, with a big advantage: its free version includes  1TB of storage space. Offering

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Palantir: a companion app for video game listening

Synchronize with the sound of the video game to provide contextual  information through experience second type screen, here’s how the free app  for iOS Palantir works. Like Shazam or Sounhound,