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To know whether a test suite(test suite means collection of test cases ) is adequate or not, and to accelerate the process of testing testers use “coverage analysis”. Code coverage analysis (also called test coverage analysis) is an important step in software testing. As a white box testing strategy, it helps the testing team in determining if adequate testing has been done. Coverage analysis reveals areas of the code that have not been exercised during testing. There are number of  coverage metrics  namely they are Statement Coverage, Branch Coverage, Method Coverage, Class Coverage, Path Coverage, MultipleCondition Coverage, etc.

Statement Coverage means to know whether each and every statement is executed in the program or not for the corresponding test suite. Similary Branch Coverage means to know whether each and every branch is executed in the program or not. Similary Method Coverage means to know whether each and every method is covered or not, Class Coverage means to know whether each and every class is covered or not. Similary Path Coverage means if we draw a flow graph for the program then there will be multiple paths, this one is to know whether each and every path is executed or not.
Mostly software developers locate faults in their programs using a highly involved, manual process. This process usually begins when the developer run the program with a test case and observe failure in the program. The developers then choose a particular failed test case to run, and iteratively place breakpoints using a symbolic debugger; observe the state until an erroneous state is reached, and backtracks until the faults are found.

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