Simple Blogging Guide for Newbies

Well Blogger has been started from 1999 and now blogger is on the peak in the Virtual world.
Many of us Start their career via blogging to make a good and professional blog but sometimes the blog does not look as professional as want to be,so here i will give you some of my basics information to run your blogger on a professional way

Templates :
As registered the firt process in the blog is customization of blogger templates,so choose a better template form blogger itself or you can choose a other parties Custom templates too available over the internet,just keep in mind that your template should be simple n slick

Navigation :
After setting up the template the main thing is navigation or may say a navigation bar,the navigation bar contains a label link which can shows the results of the label,just keep in mind dont use a long navigation name a simple 8 words name is enough

User Interface :
After all we makes blogs for users,they come and read our articles to navigate your blog in such a way that users may get an attractive looks my giving user friendly colors and images,use simple colors not like a strong colors that can effect user interface

Layouts :
Layouts indicates,header,footer,body and some of the gadgets and java scripts/html functions,so apply those as per your needs but dont use javascript/html function again and again it can effects your page loading time,so dont apply such heavy codes,keep the template simple

Domain :
Normally,when we register to blogger we get a blogger url,the is also a good domain but try to use a Top level domain like ( because users dont like to type so big url so use a Top level domain

Google Adsense :
The best way to earn money from blog is Google Adsense,but now a days we cant get the Google Adsense account easily due to a strict rules and regulations of google,in india and china the websites and blogs have to be 6months old to get approved by adsense,but 6months also is not enough we have to keep our articles fresh and unique not like copy from other forums or blog and post it on your blog it leads to be a disapproval by Google Adsense

Traffic :
To get More and more traffics you may use of fb share buttons or googleplus sharing options so that your friends and connected circles can easily see your recent stuff,and if your content is fresh and unique then automatically the trafic will comes from google search

So,Thats all the basics steps for newbies 😀


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