Photo Lab Management System (PLS) Project Java

The Photo Lab Management System (PLS) is a complete system for managing photo processing labs in a most efficient way. By implementing the computerised management for Billing, Inventory you could utilise your resources to the fullest extent of efficiency thereby stepping up the productivity levels. This has been designed and developed after a thorough study of Photo Finishing Industry’s needs and manual system of operations. So this product has come out as whole and Smooth Solution for your needs. In every data entry, before storing the data in computer, the system will confirm with the user, asking questions like ‘Is this Ok?’ to ensure correctness of entered data in all respects. If it is not, then the user is in his liberty to correct it.

The PLS system is implemented for a photo studio. It is developed on a pure java2EE architecture. It is using Oracle database. By using type 4th driver  all database transactions are done. The 4th driver is database dependent. This driver is a pure java driver.
This stores the large amounts of data of the customers coming to the photo studio and the details about the employees and also the details about materials. It stores the data as category –wise.  Suppose if the category is apple, the data will be stored into the fruits inventory.

If the data is about employees then the data will be stored in to the Employess Inventory.
Similarly, if the data is about materials then the data will be stored into the materials inventory. Like wise all the data is stored into the database.

Technologies Used:

1) UML.
2) J2EE. – JSP, Servlets.
3) XML.
4) AJAX.

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