Online Banking Project PHP

Project Abstract:

this project we mainly concentrated on developing a simple and user
friendly application which resembles similar to that of existing online
banking system projects of various banks with similar features.

application main purpose is to reduce man power and also risk included
in money management for customers and bank management. This system will
provide every user a unique account with full security features.

Required Features Explanation:

Secured login procedure if possible with virtual key board feature

Maximum login attempts must be three times if it reaches more than that user account will be blocked temporarily.

must able to view different types of features like account summary,
fund transfer, loan details, fixed deposit..etc on left side of web

User can view mini and detailed money transfer details and generate report.

Online mini statement report generation for respective month or year.

Future Scope:

We can add more modules to this application like message updating to users when ever there is a transaction from his account.

can also develop mobile online banking system with similar features
which suits for mobile devices and also develop a android app for mobile

Download – Online Banking Project PHP

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